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The first time I visited Saint Lucia I was literally blown away. Saint Lucia is Grand! It's now one of my favorite places in the Caribbean. Although each island has its' own uniqueness, authenticity and charm, Saint Lucia's is absolutely epic. The Capture: Saint Lucia 2015 initiative has been created because of my own personal experiences in Saint Lucia and my desire to share Saint Lucia's majesty with others. All of the tours offer a complex diversity in subject matter. From numerous viewpoints of Saint Lucia, you will become witness to some of the most amazing views on earth. A country rich in tradition and customs, Saint Lucia has a wealth of cultural and ethnic diversity.

Be prepared for warm weather. Saint Lucia has a tropical savanna climate and temps can reach 90ยบ F. We'll enjoy long
days of light with a little over twelve hours of daylight. Be prepared like you would anywhere you travel.

I suggest bringing a tripod, but encourage you to think light in your packing. Often times lugging around a big tripod and
too much gear can be counterproductive on photography trips. A good variety of lenses, wide and telephoto will provide
you with ample visual perspectives. If you decide to leave your tripod at home, you'll survive.

Following your visual instincts, be ready to capture a moment at a split second so you can produce strong content and
memorable images.

If you're not a photographer but want to explore with us, come join us. Saint Lucia is grand! I'm confident you'll have an
experience of a lifetime.

Jomo Kenyatta


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