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What can I expect on a photography tour?
Who goes on a photography tour?
What's included?
What if I'm only interested in a Private tour with Jomo Kenyatta?
What is the cancellation policy?
How much photography experience do I need?
How do I know if a tour is full or not?
How do we get around on the workshops?
What type of equipment do I need to bring for shooting digital images?
What if I'm not a photographer but want to join a tour?
Non-photographer spouse/companion policy
How do we dress on the workshops?
What should I pack?

What can I expect on a photography tour?
On these journeys, Jomo shares his knowledge, curiosity and enthusiasm for places, cultures, and wildlife. He enjoys
sharing his vast accumulated experience and is passionate about helping each of his participants hone his or her
vision. You'll be in the field shooting side by side with Jomo, and then, once back at the group's lodgings, benefiting
from his critiques of your shots. $Careful thought and planning go into the schedule of each trip. That said, please know
that if a better shooting opportunity arises – such as a mystically foggy morning or sudden down pour in a Rain Forest –
we will juggle the schedule to help you get your best shot. You'll work hard, shoot a ton, and take your photography to
the next level – and in the process you'll have a great time! These trips are a fantastic opportunity to immerse in your
photography and Jomo will be right there giving you a personal photography lesson.

Who goes on a photography tour?
Jomo Kenyatta leads the tours and is assisted by his hand-picked team of contributors & instructors.
As you travel with Jomo to some of his favorite spots, you'll learn his techniques for everything from capturing the expanse
of a landscape to photographing the smallest detail. From his years of experience, Jomo knows the right places – and the
right time of year to shoot them. Our tours and workshops are designed to give you the best opportunities to make the
best captures. To ensure that everyone's needs are met, and for the optimal size for group travel, the tours are limited to
10-12 participants. You'll be in good company, sharing your ideas, images and love of photography with your fellow
travelers. You can relax, knowing that the travel arrangements have all been handled for you.

What's included?
Tour prices include three meals a day, all lodging, and all transportation within the tour, entrance fees, local guides, and
Tour Mentor, guide/s and instructor services.

Okay, I'm ready – how do I register?
Be sure to read our Course Policies before you Register.
Please select a Tour and click on the Register button, or just contact us via toll-free phone or e-mail.
I don't see the locations/dates I'm looking for.
If you don't see what you're looking for, please contact us – we can customize a tour for you if enough parties are
interested. Groups are limited to 12.

What if I'm interested in a Private tour with Jomo Kenyatta?
Jomo does conduct private tours for VIP's or upon special request, but has more specific requirements this type of
accommodation. For more info please fill out this Private Tour form.

What is the cancellation policy?
International: there is no cancellation fee if you notify us of your cancellation prior to 75 days before departure. Later
cancellations are subject to the following fees:

75-60 days prior to departure: $1500.00 per person.
59-45 days prior to departure: 85% of total price per person.
44-0 days prior to departure: 100% non-refundable.

We reserve the right to cancel a Tour or Workshop or your reservation at any time. In the event of cancellation by us prior
to departure, you will be refunded in full for any amounts previously paid for the Tour or Workshop.

How much photography experience do I need?
Tours and Workshops are appropriate for photographers or all levels of experience.

How do I know if a tour is full or not?
Although we do have deadlines, enrollments are on a rolling basis. We will always do our best to accommodate as many
trekkers and photo enthusiasts as possible, but popular trips & destinations can fill up fast. Your best bet is to enroll early
and if you have any questions about the availability of a tour you can call us at (800) 851-1140.

How do we get around on the tours & workshops?
It really depends on the type of tour and more importantly the location in the respective destination. Private chartered
motor vehicles take the participants from location to location. However, walking is the primary method of transportation.
Other methods may also include hiking, horseback, Mountain Bike or ATV to acquire access to some of the various
locations. Travelers must be in reasonable health for these excursions. Considerations will be made if a certain mode
are not desired.

What type of equipment do I need to bring for shooting digital images?
Bring a camera, laptop computer, all your lenses, flash and lightweight tripod. We suggest lenses ranging from 12-24mm
to longer lenses 75 – 300mm, be sure to bring your battery charger and more than one set of rechargeable batteries. Be
sure to bring your camera's manual too. Bring an external hard drive besides your laptop to guarantee you have enough
space, especially if you are shooting RAW. Make sure to have the appropriate image editing software on your laptop to
view and edit your images.

What if I'm not a photographer but want to join a tour?
You're more than welcome. Jomo is an avid explorer at heart. He loves introducing people from all walks of life to the
hidden beauty and unique experiences found in various destinations. The tours that he's designed are for explorers,
photo enthusiasts, adventure, historical, eco & cultural travelers alike, or simply site seers as well.

Non-photographer spouse/companion policy
Spouses or non-photographer companions of trek participants who travel with them to Mentor Series trek destinations
advertised as part of the Mentor Series will be charged the prevailing workshop cost. This is because of limitations in the
workshop classes, transportation and seating at the many venues we work with on the treks. Please note that you must be
18 years old or over to attend or accompany us on any Mentor Series trek.

How do we dress?
We are usually casual on the treks. We will be both indoors and outdoors, so bring a variety of comfortable clothing you
can layer. Dress comfortably, with good walking shoes. Provocative or skimpy clothing is not advised. There are distinct
cultural norms that differ drastically from the norms experienced at hotels & resorts. In some places, a lack of adequate
clothing is viewed as offensive.

What should I pack?
Once you are registered for a particular tour, more specific info, including details on the vaccines (If needed) and visas
you will need, will be sent to help you prepare for your trip.

Review our general packing list:


I don't see my question here.
Please contact us. We look forward to helping you plan your trip!


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